Lipomas and Fibromyalgia: What you Need to Know

Lipomas are lumps of fat on the surface of your skin. They’re more common in people with fibromyalgia. They certainly look alarming but they’re actually benign. What causes these strange-looking lumps and why are they more common in fibromyalgia patients? Here’s what you need to know about lipomas, including the different types of lipomas and how they’re treated.


Lipomas are soft, fatty bumps under the surface of the skin. Most are small and painless. But they can also grow to be as large as two inches in diameter. These larger growths tend to be more painful. There are actually four different types of lipomas:

  • Superficial subcutaneous, which may appear anywhere on the body
  • Angiolipomas, which are painful nodules
  • Chondroid, which are hard, yellow lumps often found on women’s legs
  • Intradermal spindle cell, which are most common in women but can be on any part of the body

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